The College Process

The College Process

Our college counselors provide students and families a comprehensive, individualized approach to the college admissions process. Our goal is to guide each family through a student-centered process that will ultimately lead to the selection of a college or university that will meet the academic, personal and extracurricular needs of each student.

Services include individual junior family conferences, assistance with research of colleges and standardized testing requirements, college night programs for juniors/seniors and parents, support through the application and financial aid processes, and coordination of on-campus visits by college representatives from across the nation. We are dedicated to making the college selection process a positive experience that culminates in the best college match for each student and family.

 Our college counselors are committed to:

  • Staying abreast of current trends within college admission.

  • Providing access to college information and educational opportunities to students of all backgrounds.

  • Encouraging students and families to explore the range of excellent educational opportunities nationally and internationally.

  • Encouraging students to be careful researchers of the diverse admission requirements, policies and procedures of individual colleges and universities.

  • Creating an open and positive atmosphere that encourages students, faculty, and parents to take advantage of the resources available to them.

  • Understanding and responding appropriately to the individual needs of our students in a way that promotes self-sufficiency and confidence.

  • Providing appropriate support of student writing and applications while empowering students to develop their own voices and make their own choices.

  • Communicating with and being accessible to parents throughout the college search.