College Planning (Grade 11)

We suggest that all CHS 11th graders consider the following:
  • Earn the highest grades possible in the most challenging courses.
  • Take the PSAT; it is good practice for the SAT. Additionally, this test, and other criteria, could qualify you as a National Merit or Achievement Scholar.
  • Meet with your college advisor and school counselor during second semester and discuss a plan for senior year and a list of colleges you'd like to explore.
  • Continue to keep track of your involvement and awards in Naviance.
  • Find time to read outside of class.
  • Attend college fairs, email colleges on your list to request materials, and begin reviewing their websites and literature.
  • Meet with college admissions representatives who visit our campus.
  • Prepare for and take the ACT with Writing and the SAT during second semester. If you are considering an Academy appointment, take the SAT / ACT with Writing by January. Be sure to take the SAT Subject Tests as required in late spring.
  • Think about and ask two teachers to write recommendations. Choose one English, history, or foreign language teacher and one math or science teacher. You should choose teachers from sophomore or junior year, if possible.
  • Use your breaks to visit college campuses. Call ahead or go online to schedule visits. Be sure to take notes on your visit!
  • Maintain good attendance, grades, citizenship, and commitment to extracurricular activities and service.
  • Look into summer academic programs and service opportunities.