January 2018

Message from the Principal, January 2018

Dear CHS parents and students,

As we enter the New Year I want to wish you and your family all the best for a happy and healthy 2018. As usual, things will go by quickly in the second semester, and before we all know it we will be celebrating with the Class of 2018 as they graduate at UMBC. As the second quarter closes out, I did want to bring one important change to your attention that will occur here at CHS during the third quarter.

For the past few years, Baltimore County Public Schools has offered a program for aspiring principals. A few aspiring principals are selected to become "Associate Principals”. Being chosen as an Associate Principal requires these candidates to complete a one month internship.

I have been selected to serve as a mentor for a candidate in this program. This means that Catonsville High School will have an Associate Principal for one month during the third quarter. Mr. Michael Jones, currently an assistant principal at Randallstown High School, will begin his internship here at CHS on February 5th and will continue as Associate Principal until March 2nd. Mr. Jones will shadow me for the first two weeks of the month and will then take over as principal of CHS for the last two weeks of the month.

I will be working at BCPS Central Office for my own professional development opportunities for those two weeks as it is required that Mr. Jones fully take over all roles of the principal. All communications to parents and students will come from Mr. Jones during this time. I am confident that this will be a rewarding experience for Mr. Jones and he has already expressed to me his excitement and how fortunate he is to have been assigned to Catonsville High School for his internship experience.

I will return to CHS on March 5th and look forward to a successful and productive spring semester.

Thank you and have a great beginning to 2018.

Mr. Ames