We are excited to announce our high school summer programs that will be available through the CCDC, C5ISR Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

The APG RISE Program and GEMS III are both currently accepting applications for High School students who are interested in participating in STEM educational and internship opportunities this summer.

Each program offers unique challenges and opportunities for students.


The RISE Program (July 13-24):

RISE is a two-week internship program for current High School students ages 16 and older. Program participants work with professional engineers and scientists to complete results oriented work. In addition to technical skills, students develop professional skills through a series of leadership workshops.

Over the course of the two-week RISE Program, students spend between six and seven hours each day working in professional APG labs where they provide assistance to the engineers and scientists who work at APG to support the Soldier. They also participate in Leadership Sessions where they learn about things like Reputation Management and Public Speaking.

Participating students receive a stipend when they complete the entire program. 

The RISE application is now available online.  To learn more about RISE and direct students to apply, please go to:


GEMS III: C5ISR Center R&D Deep Dive (July 20-23):

Students entering 10th - 12th  grade will get an up close look at the research and development happening across several Aberdeen Proving Ground Directorates within the Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C5ISR) Center.

This year's GEMS III program will not focus solely on one specific area of STEM, but rather a range of topics such as Alternative and Renewable Energy, Satellite Communication, Radio Frequency, Computer Science, Virtual Technology and more, giving participants an in depth concept of the inner workings across the C5ISR Center campus. This Deep Dive will offer various topic lessons facilitated by our world-renowned Scientist and Engineers, while also giving participants the chance to have a hands-on learning experience with some of the technologies touched on in each subject area.

You can learn more and direct students to apply here:,1,qhEjavasVFgKYs-7ToKUhGQ354tjIMga-96EAWwib20rrCD9MnIwGFqBHMyTyYE5_I68goi_Q_GuciHww7dQPUtuKgGqXYPWWiCqJfpk5KSup5Xb&typo=1