Celebrating Diversity Week

Celebrating Diversity Week
Posted on 03/07/2022
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Welcome to Diversity Week: Get a Daily Dose of Diversity.

3/7-Day One: Asia
Here, we would like to highlight all the aspects of diversity, but we would also like to educate you all on how Diversity Week came to be!

Beverly Hickman was a former Social Studies teacher and Assistant Principal here at CHS.  She devoted her life to the students of BCPS.  She had a zest for life, a passion for travel, and a love of learning about other cultures.  Diversity Week was always her favorite week of the school year! We wish for her to shine her light every Diversity Week. Let us unite to celebrate the Beauty Within Our Differences!

Come find us at lunch to learn about the wonderful countries in Asia! We will have trivia and henna presented by Diversity Club and activities presented by Chinese Club! Don't forget, this Friday is our Cultural Spirit Day! Show out in your cultural clothing or wear the colors of your flag to represent your culture!!! 

3/8- The Islands, intersectionality 

Welcome to the second day of Diversity Week! Let's get a Daily Dose about an important aspect of diversity!  


Intersectionality is not about adding one aspect of identity to another. It is about how people with overlapping identities experience systems of power to understand the complexity of prejudices people face. It's used to help us understand how multiple forms of overlapping oppressions – shaped by sexism, racism, poverty, homophobia and other forms of discrimination and violence – affect our lives in a variety of ways. Today and every day, think about how intersectionality impacts you and those around you. 


Come find us at lunch to learn about the about the Islands! We will have trivia, our Flag game, and you have the chance to be entered into our giveaway by completing our trivia questions! This Friday will be our Cultural Spirit Day! Show out in your cultural clothing or wear the colors of your flag to represent!!!