December 12th Message from Mr. Ames

December 12th Message from Mr. Ames
Posted on 12/13/2021
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CHS Family,

We have seen an increase in anonymous social media accounts associated with our school but not authorized. I have contacted The BCPS Office of Technology, and they will do what they can but they aren't too confident that Instagram and some of these other platforms will act. We shall see. This seems to be a new trend and I’m not sure how to start policing the internet or even if schools should be asked to do so. This continues to be a difficult and slippery slope and one that distracts us from the real work at our school - focusing on teaching and learning. 

I am humbly (and a bit desperately) asking for your assistance. Please help all of us at CHS by monitoring your child's activity. I am confident that our entire community will rally around this and that parents whose childrens' phones are the origin of these venues for hateful content and distractors, will monitor them at least as often as they pay for them. 

I found this resource and thought it was interesting enough to share 

I am hopeful that everyone will do their part to ensure that an already difficult 2021-22 school year for all, is not further complicated by something that is within our control and avoidable. 

Have a restful Sunday (and Go Ravens!)

Mr. Ames