School Counseling

Student Services Department (School Counseling)

The CHS School Counseling Office (a.k.a. “Student Services”) provides supports to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students. We incorporate key aspects of the BCPS School Counseling Curriculum, the ASCA National Standards, and other evidence-based practices to ensure each students’ equitable access to the tools and opportunities needed to accomplish their ambitious post-secondary goals. More details about the delivery of supports can be found by exploring our Schoology and Naviance pages. For additional questions, please feel free to contact the CHS School Counseling Office.

·        Schoology: CHS School Counseling (group access code: 7DVXZ-XXDD9) – Access the most up to date information and resources to assist with the successful completion of crucial tasks. This is our online library of guides, checklists, presentations, and other helpful tools. 

·        Naviance: ( – Access an expansive list of resources to help students with their post-secondary career planning, college search, scholarship hunt, and completion of their college applications.

Student Services Office

Secretary: Ms. Kaye Leonard   -   443-809-0809   -   [email protected] 

Records: Ms. Veronica Williams   -   443-809-3825   -   [email protected] 

School Counselors (By Student Last Names)

A,B,X,Y,Z Mr. Todd Pinson   -   443-809-3822   -   [email protected]

C - F Ms. Julianna Smith   -   443-809-0809   -   [email protected] 

G - J Ms. Milan Amos*   -   443-809-0809   -   [email protected] 

K - M Ms. Amanda Ward   -   667-251-2122   -   [email protected] 

N - Sg Mrs. Kim Carrell   -   443-809-3821   -   [email protected] 

Sh - W Ms. Lauren Weston   -   443-809-3720   -   [email protected] 

Dept. Mr. Brian Stewart   -   443-809-3801   -   [email protected]