Student Enrollments, Records, & Withdrawals


Monday-Friday, 7:30am – 2:30pm


Enrolling a New Student (by appointment only)

Contact Ms. Leonard ([email protected]) at 443-809-0809 to schedule an appointment. In accordance with BCPS Policy 5150, proof of residency within the school zone must be provided prior to enrollment. All of the following documentation is required at time of registration. We cannot accept incomplete paperwork. Student(s) must accompany their parent/guardian to registration appointment.

1. Proof of Parent/Guardian Identity: A valid Maryland driver’s license with photograph (the address must be current or MVA change of address card will be needed), passport, MVA identification, or other legal form of photographic identification.

        Any Court Documentation of legal guardianship, custody arrangements, or protective orders must be provided at time of enrollment.


2. Proof of Domicile (1 of the following)

        If parent/guardian is the Homeowner:

a.       Deed or deed of trust that has all required signatures

b.       Title

c.        Mortgage coupon book

d.       Real estate tax bill or receipt

        If parent/guardian is a Renter:

a.       Original, current lease or rental agreement from a real estate management company or commercial lessor residential dwelling located in Baltimore County, along with all required signatures, or

b.       Lease or rental agreement from a private party owner. (May require PPW Approval)


3. Three (3) Residency Verification Documents: Three documents from the following list must be submitted to verify parent/guardian name and address. If mail, an invoice or a statement is used, the document must be dated within 60 calendar days of the date the documents are submitted for enrollment purposes.

a.       Federal or state income tax return for the tax year immediately preceding enrollment

b.       W-2 form for the prior tax year

c.        A statement written on company letterhead from the parent’s employer, verifying the current address

d.       Correspondence addressed to the parent(s) from an office of a federal, state, or local county governmental agency

e.       Charge account/credit card billing statement

f.         Bank account statement

g.       Gas and electric bill

h.       Cable bill

i.         Voter’s registration card

j.         Motor vehicle administration vehicle registration

k.        Driver’s license, Maryland identification card, or age of majority card issued by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration only when document has not been used to verify proof of parent identify in paragraph i(b)(2)(a) above.

l.         Change of address notification from the United States Postal Service

m.     Court documents

n.       Government-issued license and/or professional certificate

o.       First-class mail from a business or agency

p.       Health center mailing

q.       Mailing from a Baltimore County public school or office

r.        Paycheck/paystub stating name and address

s.        Other documentation acceptable to the Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW) or residency investigator (Rule 5150).


4. Original Certificate of Birth for the student


5. Immunization Record for the student


6. Withdrawal Packet from previous school: Including the most recent Report Card, High School Transcript, and any documentation of Special Education services (IEP, 505 Plan, etc.).


Student Withdrawals & Requests for Records

Parents or legal guardians should contact Ms. Veronica Williams (Records Secretary) at [email protected] or 443-809-3825 to inquire about withdrawing/transferring their student from CHS. Once a written request is submitted, please allow up to two full business days for processing the withdrawal packet.


Alumni Academic Verification, Transcripts, & Duplicate Diplomas

Alumni and archived records are maintained by the BCPS Student Data Office. CHS staff have limited access to information beyond one year of a student’s graduation. To access archived documents, alumni must submit a request using the district’s online records portal.

BCPS Online Records Request Portal - LINK