Tutoring Info

Catonsville High offers a variety of tutoring and extra support for our students throughout the year. Below is a brief explanation of each opportunity offered and the corresponding contact information. 

Coach Class: 
Coach class is offered weekly by each teacher at CHS for any student who needs. additional support on assignments or skills. Students or guardians should reach out to teachers individually using the Coach Class Poster below. 

Senior Saturday Assistance: 
Senior Saturday Assistance is available to any Senior who needs additional support in their classes in order to graduate. Senior Saturday Assistance begins in February and runs through May. Transportation is provided by BCPS using a list of bus stops noted in the flyer below. Seniors who are interested in attending Saturday assistance may contact Assistant Principal, Annie Kress, at [email protected]

Wednesday Early Release Assistance: 
Wednesday Early Release Assistance Runs throughout the 3rd and 4th Quarters in the library. Students who have early release in their schedule and need additional assistance in classwork, may opt to stay with Ms. Ryan and Ms. Moad on Wednesdays to receive additional support. Please contact [email protected] if you would like additional information on the program. 

Monthly SAT Prep Sessions: 
CHS SAT Prep Sessions occur monthly at CHS from 2:40-4:30. SAT Prep sessions are divided into Math and Reading content areas with a monthly focus skill. Please contact Math Department Chair, Angela Novack, at [email protected] if you would like more information. Monthly SAT Prep sessions are advertised on the morning announcements and sign-ups are on Mrs. Novack and Mrs. Moad's office doors. All students are eligible to attend these SAT Prep sessions regardless of grade. 

Private Tutoring List: 
The private tutoring list includes potential sources of additional tutoring supports within the community. Please note that CHS cannot recommend or endorse any of these tutors. As independent providers, their services and corresponding costs have not been evaluated by CHS. Prior to seeking external supports, we encourage students and families to: 
1. Speak with the classroom teacher and attend “coach class” to receive additional targeted help as needed.

2. Contact the content CHS Department Chair to identify any supplemental resources that may be available.